John Hopkins University Request for Utility Partner

Advanced Energy

Posted July 9, 2024

Utility Partner Request for John Hopkins University Project Field Demonstration Phase

We are reaching out to explore potential collaboration with a utility company for DE-FOA-0003331: SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES’ RAPID INTEGRATION AND VALIDATION FOR ENERGY SYSTEMS (STRIVES). We aim to develop and demonstrate Distribution System Operator (DSO) models and an intelligent energy management system (EMS) framework to optimize the charging of EVs supplied from the same transformer within the power distribution system. This initiative seeks to enhance the integration and operation of distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, energy storage, and other distributed energy technologies. The utility partner will support the project's field demonstration phase. We would love to discuss potential collaboration opportunities and we look forward to hearing from you. 


  • Morteza Nazari-Heris, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, East Carolina University. Email: [email protected]
  • Ali Fattahi, Assistant Professor of Business Analytics, Johns Hopkins University. Email: [email protected]