Copper Labs Announces Launch of Neighborhood-Level DetectorCooper Labs

New offering provides utilities and customers near-real-time usage data from gas, electric and water meters without the need for costly retrofits

Posted January 26, 2023

BOULDER, Colo. — Copper Labs, a utility technology provider that supports gas, water and electric utilities, has announced that it has launched an innovative new neighborhood-level detector which wirelessly unlocks near-real-time data from existing utility meters at scale, and at a fraction of the time and cost of smart meter deployments. Copper’s pioneering hardware remotely captures data from hundreds of individual residential meters as frequently as once every 60 seconds and without the need for in-home equipment or Wi-Fi networks.  

“We are at a pivotal moment in the history of energy and resource management. Rising energy costs, supply constraints across the water, gas, and electricity sectors and a renewed focus on customer equity—combined with the need to rapidly decarbonize our world while responding to the impacts of a changing climate—are all putting unprecedented pressure on utilities,” said Dan Forman, CEO of Copper Labs. “Copper’s neighborhood-level detector empowers utilities and their customers with timely and actionable insights to meet evolving needs by remotely collecting near-real-time data from existing electric, gas, or water meters, eliminating the cost and disruption of new home metering infrastructure.”  

Utilities and their customers can use the data provided by Copper’s patented technology to better manage consumption, increase transparency, and prevent system overload. Copper’s mobile app empowers utility customers with personalized insights and alerts, and can provide timely information on carbon emissions, relevant utility rebate programs and optimal times for energy or water usage. Utilities can access the high-resolution data from a web portal and send customizable and targeted messages to customers, enabling new real-time demand management capabilities and a more personalized customer experience. And, because the neighborhood-level detector doesn’t require in-home Wi-Fi, it offers unique opportunities to help utilities better engage low- to moderate-income customers as well.

“Our new neighborhood-level detector represents a major leap forward in our ability to help utilities meet their goals at scale, and with the urgency the climate crisis demands,” said Forman. “By providing critical insights when they’re needed most, we can help utilities collaborate with their customers, conserve resources, and meet some of the most pressing challenges of our time.”          

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