Virtual Peaker & Emporia Integrate APIs for EV ChargersVirtual Peaker

Integration Provides Utilities Control Over EV Charging to Better Balance the Grid

Posted January 18, 2023

January 18, 2023; Louisville, KY and Littleton, CO – Virtual Peaker, a cloud-based SaaS company empowering modern utilities with the friendliest distributed energy platform on the planet, and Emporia, an energy management technology company with a goal of making energy efficiency accessible to all homeowners by creating energy-saving technology at the lowest cost and highest quality possible, have integrated their technologies to connect via the internet any Emporia electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) to Virtual Peaker’s DERMS Suite, Shift.

Emporia is Virtual Peaker’s first EVSE partner to integrate via the Gravity Connect API open specification, giving utility program managers enhanced access to more refined controls when compared to OpenADR. The new partnership makes it easy for owners of Emporia’s hardware to enroll and participate in any of the programs supported by Virtual Peaker’s platform. Utilities leveraging this partnership can expect seamless customer onboarding, advanced control capabilities (including Time-of-Use), and integrated, real-time EVSE device telemetry. Emporia’s Level 2 EVSE standard charging ports work with nearly any EV (Teslas require an adapter), and consumers who purchase qualified residential fueling equipment between January 1, 2023, and December 31, 2032, may receive a tax credit of up to $1,000.

The global market for EV charging stations is expected to continue to experience rapid growth, increasing sixfold in seven years from $17.59 billion in 2021 to $111.90 billion by 2028 according to Fortune Business Insights. The Virtual Peaker / Emporia partnership allows utilities more options for EVSE devices, making their distributed energy resource (DER) programs more effective with a larger customer reach. EV program participation also helps EV owners reduce their cost of ownership by providing additional rebates and incentives.

“Together, Virtual Peaker and Emporia are well positioned to help utilities easily and rapidly expand the fast-growing EV home charging market,” said Virtual Peaker Founder & CEO Dr. William (Bill) Burke. “We’re using technology to quickly connect devices and people to maximize the value of distributed energy resources, optimize and balance the electric grid, and combat climate change.”

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