Advanced Energy Job Opportunity: Electrical Engineer IIIAdvanced Energy

North Carolina Advanced Energy Corporation (Advanced Energy) is a nonprofit energy consulting firm headquartered on NC State University’s Centennial Campus in Raleigh, NC. We strive to ensure that energy is clean, affordable, reliable, efficient and safe for all people. We work with electric utilities; state, federal and local governments; manufacturers and a variety of public and private partners in five markets: residential, commercial and industrial, motors and drives, renewables and electric transportation.

Position Overview

Advanced Energy provides independent engineering services for utility scale renewable energy resources connected to transmission and distribution systems. We are seeking candidates who are passionate about quality and ensuring the safety and reliability of renewable energy systems interconnected with the grid. 

An ideal candidate will have an electrical engineering background and knowledge of the electric power industry and transmission and distribution systems. Candidates seeking a senior level position must have at least seven years of experience, advanced knowledge and have passed the FE exam; it is also strongly preferred to have a PE and other certifications relevant to job duties. 

In addition, it is desirable for candidates to possess the following:

  • Knowledge of planning, design, interconnection, construction, and commissioning of utility scale renewable generation facilities including inverter-based resources (IBRs) and energy storage systems connecting to transmission and/or medium voltage distribution system 
  • Experience performing engineering analysis, design documentation review, and/or field testing for electrical systems 
  • Ability to perform field evaluations to assess aspects of the quality of design, construction, and operation; ability to conduct field tests of electrical equipment
  • Experience presenting concise results to customers through reports that delineate observations, results, and recommendations for further action
  • Preferred to have knowledge of electrical and utility industry standards such as:
    • National Electrical Code (NEC), National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
    • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standards: IEEE 1547-2018 and IEEE 2800-2022
    • North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Reliability Guidelines (2018 and 2019) and standards such as PRC-024-3
    • Rural Utility Services (RUS) or investor-owned utility electric distribution construction standards
  • Strong commitment to safety and attention to detail

The job requires team members to spend part of their time visiting utility scale renewable facilities currently located primarily in North Carolina and South Carolina. Travel varies week to week and throughout the year. It is typically up to 1-3 days a week with overnight travel sometimes necessary. The rest of the time is balanced between the main office and/or working remotely at a home office. 

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