Hawaiian Electric Company RFP for Direct Load Control SolutionHawaiian Electric

PROCUREMENT OF DIRECT LOAD CONTROL DEVICE, INSTALLATION, AND ADMINISTRATION TO REPLACE EXISTING WATER HEATER DEMAND RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY -RFP 012822-01 Request for Proposal is being issued today November 22, 2021 and is currently open for proposals through January 28, 2022, 6:00 pm HST.

You can find the RFP here on the Company’s Demand Response website: Demand Response | Hawaiian Electric

Hawaiian Electric Company (“Company”) seeks proposals for a Direct Load Control solution for the replacement of the current existing water heater demand response technology.

The RFP seeks the following:

  • DLC device that modulate or turn on and off power to a water heater(s) in residential and smaller commercial units, and secondarily a DLC device to control residential and small business central A/C and/or split A/C systems from the same Proposer of DLC device for water heaters.
  • A head system to control, monitor, aggregate, and forecast load reduction of the DLC devices and associated resources, including DLC device provisioning, tracking, and monitoring.
  • An administrator to perform removal of existing equipment and installation and provisioning of the DLC device, including scheduling these activities with participants, disposal of existing equipment, and to provide ongoing program maintenance.

The DLC devices will be installed as a replacement to the existing water heater control device for RDLC program.  The RDLC program that has approximately 30,000 water heater devices currently enrolled into the program.  Secondarily, the Company is seeking a DLC device to control residential and small business central A/C and/or split A/C systems from the same Proposer of DLC device for water heaters.  Any offer for a DLC device to control A/C systems must also include a DLC device for water heaters.

The Company intends to use its General Services Master Agreement (“GSMA”) to procure the services described above. Proposers may submit proposals for a one, a combination, or all three of the components sought under this RFP (see Attachment B).  Each successful Proposer(s) will provide the specified services pursuant to the terms of the GSMA to be negotiated between the Company and Proposer(s).

In order to submit a proposal, Proposers must register as a “Supplier” in Power Advocate’s Sourcing Intelligence to access the RFP event. For more information regarding registration for Power Advocate, please see Attachment A in the RFP.

After successful registration as a “Supplier” within Power Advocate, please request access to the RFP event from the Company via email [email protected]. Include your username & company information in the email. After the Company has added you to the event, you will receive an invitation to the RFP event at the registered Email account.  Note: If you had previously registered and already have access to Power Advocate you will still need to send your information via the Company email to get an invitation to participate in the bid event.

Once you have access to the bid event you will be able to access all the submission documentation and are able to send messages through the Power Advocate platform. All communication for the RFP process shall be through Power Advocate.

Questions for the RFP are due by December 6, 2021 through Power Advocate. The Company’s response for those questions will then be sent through Power Advocate by December 14, 2021.

CLICK HERE to read the RFP and to apply.