Virtual Peaker Partners with Google's Nest Renew to Support a Clean Energy FutureVirtual Peaker

Louisville, KY – 
Virtual Peaker, a cloud-based SaaS company that empowers modern utilities with the friendliest distributed energy platform on the planet, has announced its expanded support for a clean energy future through Google’s Nest Renew, which was announced in October. The new service makes it easier for utilities to engage consumers with time-of-use rates, increase demand response program participation and facilitate consumer support for renewable energy.

Consumers with compatible Nest thermostats can support a clean energy future by enrolling in demand response programs and engaging with time-of-use (TOU) programs. During the past decade, Nest thermostats have already helped homeowners save more than 80 billion kWh, enough energy to power 23 million electric cars for a year.

Most homes are cooled and heated by electricity from a mix of clean and not-so-clean energy sources that vary based on the time of day they’re used. Virtual Peaker and many of its utility clients already are long-time partners with Google Nest through the Google Rush Hour Rewards program, a service that lets customers earn rewards for using less when energy consumption is high and makes it easier for utilities to manage the grid during times of peak demand.

With Nest Renew’s feature called Energy Shift, customers can automatically shift their heating and cooling electricity usage to times when the grid is cleaner, without sacrificing comfort. For utilities with certain time-of-use rates, Energy Shift can help customers automatically prioritize usage of less expensive energy.

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