Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative - CEO Search


The Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC) begins its national search for its next president and chief executive officer, following Patty Durand’s decision to step down after 10 years as the organization’s first and only president.

Since being appointed president by SECC’s Board of Directors in 2011, Durand has grown the organization from an idea on paper to an international nonprofit with over 160 members. Under her leadership, SECC has come to represent the voice of the consumer in an ever-changing energy industry through timely industry research, case studies and educational resources.

SECC’s Board of Directors has engaged in a nationwide search for the organization’s next president and will find someone who will build upon Durand’s successful tenure and lead SECC into its next stage of growth. Interested applicants can view the position details linked below, and we ask SECC’s members to share this leadership opening with their networks.

“On behalf of all SECC’s members, I would like to thank Patty for her leadership over the years,” said Lincoln Wood, Electrification Policy Manager at Southern Company and SECC’s current Board Chairman. “SECC is looking for a leader who’s passionate about the needs of today’s energy consumers, and we look forward to hiring a candidate who will be eager to take the organization to new heights.”

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