Aquanta Now Compatible With Alexa and Will Support New Alexa Features

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Tysons, VA - December 10, 2020 - Aquanta Inc. announced today that its market-leading Aquanta Smart Water Heater Controller is now compatible with Alexa. With an Aquanta on their water heater, customers can now use Alexa-enabled devices to set commands for a heating schedule with their voice, including “Away” or “Boost” (which turns heating on).

In addition, Aquanta is working with Amazon and is among the first to launch two forthcoming Alexa features, Alexa energy dashboard and Hunches. The energy dashboard will help customers more easily monitor and manage household energy consumption by Alexa-compatible smart home devices, including lights, plugs, switches, thermostats, TVs, and of course Aquanta-enabled water heaters. Once available, customers will be able to see daily, weekly, and monthly energy usage trends in the Alexa app, helping them make energy-saving decisions.

Also coming soon, Aquanta Smart Water Heater Controllers will also work with Alexa’s Hunches feature. As Alexa learns a customer’s device usage patterns and preferences, the service can automatically control a water heater to save money and energy by turning off an Aquanta-enabled water heater when customers are away.

“Aquanta is excited to work with Amazon in support of these groundbreaking features,” stated Matt Carlson, CEO of Aquanta Inc. “Water heating is the second largest user of energy in the home, so Alexa will help homeowners get visibility into its energy usage and work to automatically reduce it.”

“New Alexa features like the energy dashboard and Hunches can help customers understand the energy consumption of Alexa-compatible devices in their home and take action,” said David Jackson, director of smart home at Amazon. “We’re excited to welcome Aquanta as one of the first brands to support these easy-to-use features and, together, we look forward to helping customers save energy and reduce their carbon footprint.”

About Aquanta Inc.
Tysons, VA-based Aquanta Inc. develops innovative products and technologies that address climate change and enhance energy efficiency, with specific focus on the energy usage, inefficiencies and grid integration opportunities inherent in our water heating and plumbing systems. For more information on Aquanta, please visit