June 2018

Gulf Power's Energy Select ProgramAustin Energy DR Dialogue

Learn why Gulf Power’s Energy Select Program was a 15th PLMA Award Winner as a Program Pacesetter. As the first fully-automated price-based demand response program, Energy Select was designed to reduce generation needs, better use existing capacity, and enhance customer satisfaction. The Energy Select rate features four tiers that better reflect the cost of producing electricity during those periods, and customers pre-program central cooling and heating systems, electric water heaters and pool pumps to respond automatically to the different prices. As many utilities have struggled to successfully implement price-based DR programs, this “set it and forget it” approach enables easy customer participation. Over the years, the program's enabling technology has evolved to meet the changing needs of Gulf Power and its customers. The program initially used one-way paging for communication into the home and customers had to program the devices through the thermostat. Gulf Power deserves recognition for being a pioneer in price-based demand response as well as for its commitment to innovation that has significantly increased the value of the Energy Select program for the utility and its customers.

Source: PLMA DR Dialogue featuring David Eggart and Tommy Gardner, Gulf Power and Jason Cigarran, Itron and PLMA's Thought Leadership Co-Chair
Type: Webinar Recording

The Future of DER: Energizing the Smart HomePLMA logo

This webcast co-hosted by PLMA and Parks Associates analyzes consumer adoption of DER (distributed energy resources), including solar, EVs, and smart home solutions, as well as strategies to integrate these solutions into energy services in order to provide cost savings and better shape the household load. Currently 26% of U.S. broadband households own a DER product or an electric vehicle, with adoption at 41% among heads of household ages 18-24. The popularity of these solutions among younger households indicate their adoption and usage will continue to increase as these consumers age and as younger generations move into their own households. Utilities see multiple challenges associated with the increased adoption of DER solutions, including capacity constraints and grid and power reliability. Utility executives have signaled the need to invest in grid intelligence to manage DER solutions to secure the grid from cyberattacks

Source: Joint webinar with Parks Associates and PLMA featuring Rich Barone, Hawaiian Electric Company; Michael Brown, Berkshire Hathaway NV Energy and PLMA Board Chair; Tony Koch, Bonneville Power Administration; John Powers, Extensible Energy; Tom Kerber, Parks Associates
Type: Webinar Recording

Jennifer Potter's Award-Winning InitiativesJennifer Potter DR Dialogue

Learn why Jennifer Potter was a 15th PLMA Award Winner for Thought Leader. Jennifer's utility and research experience cover transmission and distribution grid operations, conventional and renewable sources, distributed energy resources (DER), integration of demand-side resources, time-based pricing and demand response (DR). Her economic research includes cutting-edge work on market potential and economic analysis research on demand response, time-based pricing, DERs, and energy efficiency. She has provided technical assistance to state policymakers, on the behalf of the Department of Energy, to Hawaii, California, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, and Oregon. She has published a number of reports, including as a lead author of the California Demand Response Potential Study for the CPUC, over the last year that has been recognized as significant contributions to the industry. Her published work and reputation have been leveraged for a number of webinars and conference appearances, as well as presentations to state policymakers around frameworks and considerations for demand response and integrated demand-side management.

Source: PLMA DR Dialogue featuring Jennifer Potter, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, and Danielle Sass Byrnett, NARUC
Type: Webinar Recording