PLMA Load Management Leadership Load Management Dialogue
PLMA Load Management Dialogue

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Rocky Mountain Power for Frequency Dispatch

with Shawn Grant, Rocky Mountain Power; Thomas Burns, PacifiCorp; Joe Childs, Eaton; and Michael Smith, National Grid

Presented on Thursday, August 15, 2019; 12:30 - 1:00 p.m. Eastern

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Gain key insights from a 16th PLMA Award-winning initiative for Technology Pioneer.

PacifiCorp demonstrated that Demand Response (DR) resources can be used to deliver GridScale Fast DR to meet frequency dispatch and BAL 3 requirements. This project demonstrated that the Cool Keeper system could be used in an additional capacity with very tight control response. PacifiCorp designed and implemented the automatic dispatch of residential customers enrolled in the Rocky Mountain Power Cool Keeper program utilizing Eaton’s two-way devices and Yukon portal to respond to frequency dispatch signals. To comply as frequency dispatch, the resources must immediately begin providing support once dispatched and be fully activated within 50 seconds from event detection. The BAL 3 measurement is a performance curve during this resource dispatch period. The solution resulted in an average of 64 MW of BAL 3 resources and over 100 MW of load drop across several events during the 2018 summer DR control season. Performance was measured and calculated using two second system metered data collected by the PacifiCorp Energy Management System.

This innovation is a grid scale solution using fast-acting residential DR resources to support the bulk power system. Utilities currently use generating resources to perform this function, but as plants are retired or begin operating at lower levels additional balancing resources are required. The Cool Keeper system provides approximately 200 MW of operating reserves to the system using over ~ 100,000 residential AC resources.

Shawn Grant

Shawn Grant

Rocky Mountain Power

Shawn Grant has been employed with PacifiCorp since 2006 and has worked in various roles within the energy industry for over 25 years.  His current position is Senior Customer Solutions Program Manager for Rocky Mountain Power and has responsibility for behavior based energy efficiency programs, electric vehicles, agricultural load management, and residential load management.  Shawn currently manages over 400 megawatts of demand response throughout Idaho and Utah.  .

Thomas Burns

Thomas Burns 


As Director Energy Supply Management, Operations and Reliability, Thomas' role is to: implement and maximize the benefits of the Energy Imbalance Market.  He manages the Short-Term Energy Supply staff of 35, and is focused on the optimization of the PacifiCorp Energy generation fleet consisting of coal, natural gas, geothermal, wind, and hydro resources.  Thomas also supports the optimization of the merchant-owned transmission portfolio and the day ahead balanced resource plan; as well as integrating renewable resources in Portland, Oregon; and Vancouver and Camas, Washington.

Joe Childs

Joseph Childs


As Senior Manager DR Strategy & Business Relations, Joe's primary responsibility at Eaton is to work with customers on value assessment and data analysis. Joe has worked in and with utilities for the last 25 years on utility control systems as a supplier and user including SCADA, EMS, Power System Restoration, and Demand Response. Joe holds a B.S. in Computer Science and an M.S. in Bioclimatology from Colorado State University. He currently holds the officer position of Secretary for the PLMA. Mr. Childs has been awarded two patents for Energy Efficiency algorithms in field equipment.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith

National Grid and PLMA Award Group Co-Chair

Mike Smith is a Senior Program Manager at National Grid, responsible for managing the implementation of National Grid’s full portfolio of Dynamic Load Management programs in New York State.  Additionally, Mike leads the expansion and development of National Grid’s DR programs as they grow to support increased DER participation and provide more focused grid solutions such as Non-Wires Alternatives.  Prior to joining National Grid, Mike spent more than a decade in the Energy Consulting field, providing program development and implementation services for some of the largest utilities and state agencies in the Northeast.  Mike has been active in PLMA since 2017 and serves as Co-Chair of the Awards Group.

Who Should Attend. Practitioners from energy utilities, solution providers and trade allies looking to gain and share dynamic load management expertise, including demand response (DR) and distributed energy resources (DER).

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