PLMA Seeks Partners for Training Series


PLMA is seeking interest from member organizations and other industry allies in providing the organization with training services to support the enhancement and delivery of its Demand Response Training Series.  A copy of the Request for Interest with model contract and June 8 response deadline is at

The Demand Response Training Series has been designed to be responsive to the training priorities identified by the membership and currently consists of two in-person, two-day training courses, generally held back-to-back at member host locations that are presently conducted as follows:

  • Demand Response Program Design and Implementation 
  • Demand Response Markets  

The PLMA Education Planning Group is responsible for setting strategic direction for PLMA’s education and training initiatives.  The Group will assist PLMA Leadership and staff to select, coordinate, and evaluate education initiative resources and content.  Training Partners will be selected to enhance existing course content, to include an instructor and mentor guide as well as student handouts, tests, and exercises. The Partners will also deliver the training, subject to their schedule availability.  Interested organizations should briefly respond with the requested information by Friday, June 8, 2018.  The PLMA Education Planning Group will review and consider the responses.  The courses are next scheduled to be presented the week of October 8 at Arizona Public Services offices co-hosted by Salt River Project.  

PLMA Training Series Background at CLICK HERE