Navigant Publishes "Market Data: Demand Response for C&I"
Global CIDR Capacity, Site, Spending, and Revenue Forecasts: 2018-2027

Navigant Publishes 'Market Data: Demand Response for C&I'

Since the launch of the first demand response (DR) programs decades ago, the industrial sector has represented an important target customer base. Energy usage in industrial facilities is generally electricity intensive, and it tends to be more complex than in commercial buildings due to the range and type of industrial energy processes and equipment used. While the commercial sector presents excellent prospects for DR because of its sheer number of building sites, the industrial sector offers unique opportunities because it is able to contribute unusually large amounts of load reduction—even from just one plant and one DR event.In the commercial sector, the focus for DR has been on the large commercial customers, which can contribute significant load reduction. However, as this customer segment becomes increasingly saturated (especially in the US), attention is turning to the underserved small/medium commercial customers. Utilities and DR aggregators are realizing that the collective effect from engaging small/medium commercial customers, which represent a huge number of buildings, can be significant. According to Navigant Research, commercial and industrial DR (CIDR) capacity is expected to reach 56.5 GW in 2027.This report examines the global CIDR market in five major geographic regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa. The study provides an analysis of the market issues, including drivers and barriers, associated with global CIDR development. Global market forecasts for capacity, sites, spending, and revenue for CIDR, segmented by region, extend through 2027. The report also explores global CIDR trends to highlight varying regional activity and markets.

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